Singing Bowl - All About Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl - All About Tibetan Singing Bowl

What is a Singing Bowl?

A Singing bowl, by its' name itself, is something mystical and magical. It’s amazing to know that these Tibetan singing bowls are being used since centuries and not just for entertainment purpose either. The element of sound produced from these Tibetan singing bowls is used to increase our positive vibrations.

Singing Bowls can be described marvellously and beautifully. It can be described as an antiquity made from earthly material which produces a rich chime out of its emptiness. It’s is so timeless and powerful that it can heal and bring peace to a person from deep within.

Different Names of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are known by various names. They are also commonly known as Standing Bells and are addressed with other versatile terms too. Each name has its own meaning. Some of the terms or names are prayer bowls, resting bowls, Himalayan bowls, Tibetan bowls, Rin Gong, Meditation Bowl, and Buddha bowls.

These Tibetan bowls produce a musical sound that generates energy and helps in healing. It also contributes in getting relief from stress, depression and pain.

Brief History of Singing Bowl

It’s difficult to find concrete evidence regarding the origin and use of the Tibetan singing bowl. However, some say that it was discovered earliest in China during the Shang dynasty. Though, it is sometimes stated that Tibetan singing bowls date back to the pre- Buddha period, the historical records have no indication towards the actuality of this statement.

Now the quetion is - Singing Bowl Used for?

As said, Singing Bowls are used for versatile purposes, such as;

  • Healing Purpose
  • Meditation Purpose
  • Awakening chakras
  • Music
  • Religious Purpose
  • Feng Shui

Standing bells are majorly associated with Buddhist chanting and meditation. These prayer bowls are used for various religious and healing purposes. Sound Therapy is another popular healing process that's becoming quite popular these days. It is believed that it works on balancing our chakras. These mediation singing bowls for school classroom also help us relax and stay focused.

People also use Himalayan bowls to clear bad or negative energies and keep positive energies flowing. Singing bowls have become a significant object in Feng Shui too.

How to Use Singing Bowl?

  • Using Singing Bowl

These resting bowls or standing bells are substantially made from various metals. It is mentioned that it was traditionally made from an alloy of gold, copper, silver, iron and tin. We can also find crystal bowls that are made from crushed crystals.

It is said that the seven metals were used to make singing bowls. Each metal had a planetary association. Gold was made for Sun, Silver was for Moon, Mercury was for Mercury, Iron was for Mars, Copper was used for Venus, Tin was used for Jupiter and Lead was used for Saturn.

No matter which singing bowl your pick or use, it will lead you on a mystical and marvellous voyage of sound. As you continuously play it, the sound will get more unique and yet with each change of pitch, it will be more familiar to you.

There are two ways to play a singing bowl.

  • Striking: strike the singing bowl with a mallet. It creates a bell like sound.
  • Rubbing: Take your mallet and rub the wooden stick on the bowls' rims. It will create continuous musical tunes.

To produce continual and unbroken sound, there are some specific postures and ways to do it. Firstly, one must sit with a flat and straight back. Once comfortable sitting position is attained, hold a soft small mat on your palm and keep the resting bowl near the chest over the soft mat. One can also position the bowl as per their comfort.

Once everything is in place and you're comfortable, strike mallet on the resting bowl. The released sound will begin with some lower tones and you will feel the waves of the alluring sound as it flows and passes through your entire body. The tunes will resonate on the chest and continue towards the whole body.

This will take one to a deep state of relaxation. The Tibetan singing bowl will continue to produce sound. However it’s important to continuously repeat the action of striking or rubbing for uninterrupted waves of the tunes.

Striking the mallet will resonate the sound and rubbing it will help the sound escalate. Hold mallet or wooden stick vertically on the upper end and rub from the bottom end on the rims of the meditation bowl. One can use hard wood or soft wood. But, using hardwood tends to bring smoother sounds. It’s very important to press the mallet firmly to the rim to avoid any rattling sound.

While practicing the action, various tones will be produced and will mingle. Continuous repetition will allow one note to rise above the sound, due to which other sound will fall. Eventually, only one note is left with a pure ring and music.

How to play the singing bowl?

  • Hold the base of the singing bowl on your finger tips on the palm of your hand. Make sure that you do not touch the sides of the bowl as it may affect the vibrations
  • Tilt the singing bowl slightly towards you. It will help you to move your hand around the bowl more easily
  • Hold the mallet with the top with your fingertips pointing downwards
  • Strike the mallet gently against the side
  • When playing the singing bowl keep your wrist straight, let your arm do the work
  • Now, keep the bowl playing at constant speed and even pressure and when the bowl is too fast you will hear some friction between the bowl
  • Once finished, remove the mallet from the side of the singing bowl

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Here are some of the facts about Tibetan Singing Bowls –

  • Studies showed that brain wave changes when listening to the calming sound singing bowls used for meditation also
  • The metals used to fabricate singing bowls differ from religion to religion. For Buddhist, there are up to 12 different metals used, as copper been the primary ingredient. Other religion uses more exotic materials like gold & silver.
  • Singing bowls date far as back as 3000 years still there is no traditional literature that covers detail about the singing bowl
  • Copper is considered as one of the purest sounds producing metal in the singing bowl
  • Crystal Singing Bowls produces higher pitched sounds that have a different effect on the nervous system as compared to other singing bowls
  • Traditionally, singing bowls are been produced by a method known as hand hammering, melding pieces completely done by hand

Why Use Singing Bowl into Daily Practice?

Singing bowl into daily practice adds a positive energy to your life. Singing bowls have a myriad of benefits. Following shows the reason why to use singing bowls in daily practice.
  • It gives mental clarity
  • It calms the central nervous system
  • Helps in improving concentration
  • Deeper connection to your chakra system as well as inspiring inspirational vibrations to your body

It’s good to give a try to the singing bowl as who knows what kind of emotions & reactions lay in wait that you are yet to feel.

How singing bowl for School Classroom is Helpful for Children?

At the beginning of the class, it is difficult to get children cooperation in the exact manner you want. It is important to get your child focus on a particular activity that brings lots of benefits. Singing bowl when played at a certain frequency helps to cultivate mental focus, presence and calm.

Following is the simple procedure of singing bowl for children-
  • Place the singing bowl on the stomach of your child and ring it softly
  • Ask them to listen to the sound and feel the vibrations
  • Also give them a turn to play the singing bowl so that they can explore the sound by themselves

The practice with singing bowl is more effective if the child often do it over again and again with closed eyes which will be more relaxing for them

How Using a Singing Bowl Can Change Your Life?

Most of the health practitioners recommend using singing bowl due to its various health benefits. In ayurvedic, it is been considered that illness is caused by disharmony within the body. The singing bowl creates vibrations that make the left and right side of the brain to synchronize emitting alpha and theta brain waves in synchronicity by vibrations emanating from singing bowl. This synchronization helps you to enter into deep meditate states receiving intuitive messages and engage in creative thinking.

Daily practice of singing bowl helps change your life by benefiting the body by reducing stress, inhibiting pain, positively affecting nervous and immune system, combating depression and balancing the chakras.

Healing Effect of Singing Bowl

Gloomy moods, depression and anxiety can lead to increase in physical and psychological illness. Many studies have discovered that sound meditation can have healing effect on peoples' mood. It has also been found that the sounds of these bowls aid in getting relief from anxiety, depression, stress, pain and helps one achieve spiritual well-being.

These studies and researches were conducted on people who were naïve about such meditation. But, these people eventually realised the healing and relaxing effect of the sound and came to acknowledge it as a truly blissful and beneficial approach to mental wellness.

Sound healing can be performed with voice like chanting of mantras or by playing the singing bowl. Another way to do it is with musical instruments like flute, drums, singing bowl, santoor and others.

Different Types of Handmade Singing Bowls - Features and Benefits

  • Using Sound for Healing

Singing bowl plays a prominent role in the chronicle of sound healing and meditation. It is said and assumed that cell imbalances cause illness and other diseases. The sound energy produced from singing bowls connect healing vibrations with the body's' nervous system. One can only understand the healing power of a singing bowl, when they experience it themselves. Until then, the knowledge will just be limited and the mystical feeling of it will remain unknown.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are also helpful in healing of Parkinson’s disease.  Generally a healthy body vibrates at around 68-72 mhz. When you are not well or diseased it goes down to 60 mhz or lower. Sound Healing with help of singing bowl is useful in healing of Parkinson’s disease.  When using singing bowl for this types of disease it helps to stop in drooling, eyes starts moving and also feels better. This is all because of the frequency our body needs that can be achieved with the help of singing bowl. When you use singing bowl, it increase the vibration in your body and makes you feel much better. You just have to slightly strike the mallet. Roll the mallet around the singing bowl, keep it near your left ear hear it for some time and similarly hear it on the right ear. This will basically help to balance your right and left hemisphere.

  • To Balance Chakras

There are 7 chakras of healing namely, Root Chakras, Navel Chakras, Solar Chakras, Heart Chakras, Throat Chakras, Third Eye Chakras, and Crown Chakras. As we are connected with the earth, the first vibration that we feel is from the root level. Then it slowly moves upwards and passes through multiple chakras until the vibration is felt at the highest chakra called Crown Chakra.

To balance the chakras, it is important to be aware about the chakras that need balancing. This knowledge can be attained through meditation. When one understands the chakras, they can then use specific chakra bowls to correct the unbalanced chakra.

Strike the rim or rub the striker around the bowls' rim until desired sound is produced. While feeling the mystical sound, visualize the energy within the body starting from the root chakra, as the bowl plays. One can also envision the healing energy of a specific chakra and imagine warmth and love pouring out from it.

  • Why Singing Bowl is Used as Prayer Bowl?

It is a great belief from ancient time that singing bowl fetches good fortune. For years Tibetian Monk and priest had been using singing bowl in a unique way sitting on knee and pray to achieve peace, prosperity and happiness for the people who really deserve and this is also one of the reasons that these bowls were called as prayer bowls.

  • Life Lessons from Singing Bowl

It might sound astonishing but we can learn and apply lessons from a singing bowl to our daily lives. We have seen its benefits and healing powers but think about what we can implement in our lives with the help of these bowls.

  • It’s important to hold singing bowl lightly so it produces marvellous sound. If held tightly, it won’t sing. This denotes that anything in life that is held tightly won’t produce the desired outcome whether it’s career, relationships, goals and anything. Loosen the grip and see the beautiful results.
  • When one is rubbing the mallet, it has to be consistent to produce the unique sound. Similarly, in life we have to be consistent in whatever endeavour we take. If one is consistent in whatever goals they set out to conquer, it can be achieved.
  • To produce mystifying sounds in a singing bowl, one requires patience and consistency. Similarly, one has to be patient to find the true objective and path to reach their goals in life too.

These are a few from the many lessons that we can learn from a singing bowl. Singing bowls have a prominent impact on people's life physically, emotionally and psychologically. It is a beautiful one of a kind creation.

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